Vision 2020 Strategic Plan

New Mexico State University’s Board of Regents adopted the most recent version of the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan on July 21, 2015.

Vision 2020 Plan Adopted 7-21-2015 v 11-9-15

During Spring 2015 Chancellor Garrey Carruthers and Provost Dan Howard conducted Vision 2020 Strategic Planning Forums with each college, community college and administrative division. With feedback from all sectors, the Vision 2020 plan was enhanced, and is now inclusive of the system’s four community colleges. NMSU engaged the Board of Regents in dialogue during the annual summer strategic planning session. Encouraged by the Board, NMSU has now defined target performance levels for each KPI in the plan.

Vision 2020 goals:

  1. Academics and Graduation – Provide stellar programs, instruction, and services to achieve timely graduation
  2. Diversity and Internationalization – Provide a diverse academic environment supportive of a global society
  3. Research and Creative Activity – Promote discovery, encourage innovation, and inspire creative achievement
  4. Economic Development and Community Engagement – Drive economic, social, educational, and community development
  5. Resource Stewardship – Optimize resources to effectively support teaching, research, and service

Vision 2020 adoption history:

July 2014 August 2013 September 2009
Vision 2020 Plan July 2014

Vision 2020 KPIs 4-4-15

Vision 2020 Plan

Vision 2020 KPIs

Living the Vision

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