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When I first read the Mission statement, I thought it was odd that it was so focused just on the state of New Mexico. I then reminded myself that I have only 3 1/2 years of experience working in a land grant institute. I thought this was due to NMSU being a land grant institute. I then proceeded to check our peer institutes (the ones being used by Team 6) and I found out that all but one, clearly put their respective state in, but also have some reference to the nation and or world, or society in general, in their mission statement. I have not been a part of the discussion of the mission statement of NMSU, and I realize that this may be a strategic desire to have it clearly focused just on the people of New Mexico, but I did want to bring this to your attention. I copy the mission statements of our peer institute below. The highlighting in yellow has disappeared, but you can see what I am talking about if you read them.

Inspired by its land-grant heritage, Colorado State University is committed to excellence, setting the standard for public research universities in teaching, research, service and extension for the benefit of the citizens of Colorado, the United States and the world.

Iowa State is dedicated to conducting research and scholarship with local, national, and international impact.

Kansas State University is a comprehensive, research, land-grant institution serving students and the people of Kansas, the nation, and the world.

Oklahoma State University will lead in the creation of a better Oklahoma, nation, and world by advancing the quality of life for all, and will fulfill the obligations of a first-class, land-grant educational institution.

Mission. As a land grant institution committed to teaching, research and outreach and engagement, Oregon State University promotes economic, social, cultural and environmental progress for the people of Oregon, the nation and the world.

As a public research university, Texas Tech advances knowledge through innovative and creative teaching, research and scholarship. The university is dedicated to student success by preparing learners to be ethical leaders for a diverse and globally competitive workforce. The university is committed to enhancing the cultural and economic development of the state, nation and world.

The mission of the University of Arizona is, "To improve the prospects and enrich the lives of the people of Arizona and the world through education, research, creative expression, and community and business partnerships.

The mission of Utah State University is to be one of the nation's premier student-centered land-grant and space-grant universities by fostering the principle that academics come first, by cultivating diversity of thought and culture, and by serving the public through learning, discovery, and engagement.
Washington State University is a public research university committed to its land-grant heritage and tradition of service to society. Our mission is threefold:
1. To advance knowledge through creative research, innovation, and creativity across a wide range of academic disciplines.
2. To extend knowledge through innovative educational programs in which students and emerging scholars are mentored to realize their highest potential and assume roles of leadership, responsibility, and service to society.
3. To apply knowledge through local and global engagement that will improve quality of life and enhance the economy of the state, nation, and world.

The University of Wyoming aspires to be one of the nation's finest public land-grant research universities. We serve as a statewide resource for accessible and affordable higher education of the highest quality; rigorous scholarship; technology transfer; economic and community development; and responsible stewardship of our cultural, historical, and natural resources.

The University of Idaho is the state’s land-grant research university. From this distinctive origin and identity comes our commitment to enhance the scientific, economic, social, legal and cultural assets of our state and to develop solutions for complex problems facing our society

Inspired by its land-grant foundation, the University of Nevada, Reno provides outstanding learning, discovery, and engagement programs that serve the economic, social, environmental, and cultural needs of the citizens of Nevada, the nation, and the world.

Montana State University, the state's land-grant institution, educates students, creates knowledge and art, and serves communities by integrating learning, discovery and engagement.


Kathryn Stoner

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