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I see opportunities to increase on-campus student employment by having student employees work on many of the different Web sites that we have available, however Website responsibilities are distributed. It would be nice to have one place for students to work on Web site needs (coordinated through one department). That way we can show growth of student employment in a specific area that demonstrates that students are working on something material and provide opportunities for experiential learning for those pursuing similar degree plans.


Adam Cavotta

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  1. Assoc. Prof.

    More students engaged with the NMSU community and their scholarly goals is paramont . One approach would be to employ more students to work on campus. (pgs. 5 [institutional commitment] & 16 [non-need-based employment])[1]. Also, by hiring students, NMSU can help students add new skills and develop their resumes for future employment. Below, I have provided a few links from UT-Austin, ASU, and BYU Student employment.

    Although we often think of student employment being for GA and RA, or Work-Study positions, there are many employment opportunities that are non-academic that can improve student engagement and graduation. These jobs are typically non-academic in status but can be related to student professional goals (eg. HRTM students working for NMSU Event Planning/PR staff; AG students in landscaping with Facilities; ENG (EE, ME, CE) students with Facilities/ ICT/Construction; HSS at the Health Center; EDUC with Tutoring etc.) [See Endnotes below].

    [1] Improving Student Retention and Graduation Rates.

    Links to University Student Employment





    For example, an investment of $1M (one million dollars) / 101.1% (to deduct fringes) = $989,120; could yield a relatively large pool of potential student employees.

    $989,120 / $8.00 per hr.* / 32 work weeks / 10 hrs per wk = 386 student employees


    $989,120 / $8.00 per hr.* / 32 work weeks / 20 hrs per wk = 193 student employees

    *Current discussions in potential changes in minimum wage, at state and national levels, might require a change in the number of potential student employees or the overall amount sum of money provided for student employment.