2011 BTV Planning Process

Archived Materials

To assist in the FY12/13 budget planning process, a draft of the Building the Vision Academic Strategic Plan will be ready by the end of the Fall 2011 term. NMSU anticipates a three-year cycle of academic strategic planning: university level, college level, and departmental level, demonstrating a dynamic, thoughtful academic plan closely aligned with, and highly responsive to, trends and forces in the larger higher education community.

April 2011

  • Form the Building the Vision Strategic Planning Committee, discuss development strategies

May–August 2011

  • Create Building the Vision web site, with links to previous strategic planning exercises, to share progress with the NMSU community
  • Review objectives and metrics defined by the Living the Vision committee, discuss data trends and areas of concern
  • Broadly discuss objectives relevant to the President’s Seven Success Goals
  • Discuss strategies to achieve these objectives
  • Identify additional metrics to measure the university’s success in achieving new objectives
  • Define data needs and begin collection process for evaluation in the fall

August 2011

  • Update to the campus community regarding Building the Vision progress

September–November 2011

  • Complete the definition of objectives for each goal
  • Examine each metric, its trend over time, peer data, and the metric’s correlation with other metrics in order to define key performance indicators
  • Define target values for each key performance indicator for specific points in the future

December 2011

  • Complete a draft of the BTV Academic Strategic Plan

January 2012

  • Share the draft of the academic strategic plan with the NMSU community