Digital Measures Enhancement

A steering committee has been engaged to guide enhancements to NMSU’s implementation of the Digital Measures system. Among the planned enhancements is support for the capture and aggregation of research, creative activity, community engagement, economic development, and globalization activity to enhance performance measurement, collaboration and marketing.

Enhancement Plan 1-16-2014   Potential Projects 1-16-2014  Enhancement Update 10-28-2014  Members August 2016


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DM Projects

1) DM Project List Updated Feb2016

2) Completed Projects

  • The Business College system was merged with the University system in December 2013.
  • Research Currently in Progress screen: The value “Completed” has been added to the drop down list for the field Status.
  • Presentations screen enhancements“Presentation Type” and “Meeting Type” added as new drop-down lists; “Meeting Type” renamed “Audience”, but retained its drop-down list values; “Presenter/Author” renamed “Role” with different values in the drop-down list. More Detail
  • The Workload Information screen for the Arts and Science College was modified to capture data by Academic Year, rather than the current Term and Year structure.
  • The Library system was merged with the University in August 2014.
  • Education screen: Faculty can now edit all fields
  • Licensures and Certifications screen: Faculty can now edit all fields
  • Yearly Data screen: Faculty can now edit the fields Graduate Faculty and On Leave?” as well as enter a comment for the field On Leave?”.
  • The field “Date Writing Began” was added to the screen Books, Journals, and other Text-Based Contribution screen. This change is Primarily intended for works not submitted.
  • Personal and Contact Information screen: The field “Date of Birth” has been removed.
  • Focus Areas screen: New screen prototype for specialty areas and other important data such as languages and countries engaged; Expect some changes such as additional values for “Areas of Expertise” and “Specialties” in the next couple of months; Areas of Expertise 2-03-2016; ACES Specialties Feb 2016; Arts and Sciences SpecialtiesCollege of Education Specialties; CHSS Specialties; Engineering Specialties; Type of Engagement; Languages
  • The field “U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident?” has been removed from the Personal and Contact Information screen.
  • The field “Confidential” has been removed from the Personal and Contact Information screen.
  • The following Read-Only security roles were added Manage Data: Read-Only for University Limited Admin Manage Data: Read-Only for University Manage Data: Read-Only College Limited Admin Manage Data: Read-Only for College Manage Data: Read-Only for Department
  • The value “Presenter” has been added to the field Role on the screen Presentations.
  • The Academic Advising summary screen has been updated so that data is displayed for the following fields: “Academic Year”, “Number of Undergraduate Students Advised”, “Number of Graduate Students Advised”
  • Beginning Spring 2015, Thesis and Dissertations courses will be imported into DM. For more info, please see FAQ#9 at
  • Community Engagement, Extension, and Outreach: New DM screen that provides users the ability to select one or more options on the field Types of Engagement. Data from the Extension and Outreach screens have been merged into this new one, and the summary screen displays the Type of Engagement for each record.
  • NMSU switched to the new user interface in August 2015.
  • Focus Area screen: Title of the field “Country(ies) Involved and Type of Engagement” was changed to “Internationalization”; Title of the field “Country and Type” was changed to “Country of Engagement”; The value “United States Minor Outlying Islands” was changed to “US Minor Outlying Islands”; “United States” as a country selection was removed on the field “Country of Engagement”.
  • Focus Areas screen: The value Librarianship has been added to the field “Areas of Expertise”; The value Taught in this country has been added to the field “Type of Engagement”.
  • Community Engagement, Extension, and Outreach screen: Users can now add additional collaborators; The text “(such as Research, Workshop, Consulting, Committee)” was removed from the field name “Type of Activity”.
  • Community Engagement, Extension, and Outreach screen: The following fields have been added – New Mexico County, State (existing values mapped to new drop-down list), Country, KPIs, Areas of Expertise, & Specialties
  • Focus Areas screen: The fields “Open to media contact?” and “Information publicly available?” were moved to the top of the screen; For both fields the existing “Yes” values were retained, but the default value is now “No”.
  • Focus Areas screen: This screen was changed from dynamic to static, which means there is now only one record for this screen.
  • Focus Areas screen: The following fields have been removed – Academic Year, Number of Participants Engaged, Number of Student Innovators Engaged, Number of Student Internships Garnered, Impact through citations of Activity, Additional Activities, Outcomes Achieved
  • DM Web site 2 new pages:
    1. Capturing Community Engagement:
    2. NMSU Discovery Portal:
  • Focus Areas screen revisions:
    1. Screen name changed to Focus Areas – Discovery Portal, Expertise, and Internationalization
    2. “Information Publicly Available” field name changed to Information Publicly Available? (Includes Discovery Portal)
    3. New field Language Proficiency added with the following drop down values:
    NativeAdvanced, Intermediate, Beginner

Digital Measures System